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As decisions and changes are made which affect our industry, we will do our best to have them posted here as quickly as possible, so that you are not left at a closing with an outdated form, inaccurate transfer or recording rates or crucial information concerning the validity of checks (for instance). If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to send them to: info@easternabstractny.com

Power of Attorney Form Remember, the revised Power of Attorney Form is now required by all jurisdictions. Please take care to use the new form for all uses. The Word Document format can be found here. Additionally, should there be a requirement for the Major Gifts Rider to the POA, it can be found here.

When signing a document, the Agent is required to identify themselves as the Agent each time in the appropriate place(s) by writing or printing the principal's name and then signing their own name as "agent" in either of the following manners:

1) (Principal's Name) by (Your Signature) as Agent.

2) (your signature) as Agent for (Principal's Name). 

The Affidavit of Full Force and Effect is required with all Power of Attorney forms as well.

Westcor Land Title Insurance added to roster of Underwriters Eastern Abstract is now an Agent for Westcor Title Insurance - We are pleased to announce that we are now an Agent for Westcor Land Title Insurance Company! For the past few months, we have been writing policies through, and look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with Westcor. If you would like further information regarding Westcor, please visit their website!


Updated IT-2663 and IT-2664 for 2012- As has been the annual practice of the State of New York, the form for non-NYS Resident Capital Gains Tax for seller's of both real property (IT-2663) and co-operative property (IT-2664) is required at closings. Please make sure to use these forms instead of any prior versions and have them ready when you attend your closings.

NYS to begin limited trial usage of Electronic RP-5217 This downloadable, bar-coded PDF document is currently being accepted for transfers of Real Property located in the following Pilot & Approved Counties: Cortland, Erie, Essex, Onandaga, Orange and Tompkins.

There are some instructions that come with this form, so please read through them here.

Title Application There are many ways to submit a title application: by phone (718/ 654.2000), send all pertinent information via email: Application, or if you would prefer you can download and fill-in this PDF form and fax it to us at: 718/ 654.2221.



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