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Eastern Abstract was originally incorporated in September, 1960 by Robert Klapper, Esq.  In continuous operation until 1969, Eastern was acquired by and merged with Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company of New York.  Mr. Klapper left Commonwealth in 1976 and formed Citadel Abstract Corp as an exclusive agent for U.S. Life Title Insurance Company.  In 1979, the name Eastern Abstract was acquired from Commonwealth, and Citadel was transformed into Eastern Abstract.

As a policy writing agent for four underwriters, (First American Title, CommonwealthFidelity, and Westcor Land Title Insurance)  Eastern has insured mortgages and titles throughout the State of New York.  We employ title examiners in every county clerk and registers office in the State of New York.

Eastern Abstract has always performed title searches for property and new and refinanced mortgages and insured the same throughout its history.  These properties and mortgages run the full spectrum of real property, from single family dwellings (homes, condominiums and co-operatives) to office buildings, multi-family buildings and commercial projects.  We are also well versed in new residential, commercial and mixed-use development projects, having been involved in numerous projects around the State of New York from the initial acquisition of land through construction and development to sale to the end owner/ resident.

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