Eastern Abstract Corp.

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About Us

Eastern Abstract was originally incorporated in September, 1960 by Robert Klapper, Esq.  In continuous operation until 1969, Eastern was acquired by and merged with Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company of New York.  Mr. Klapper left Commonwealth in 1976 and formed Citadel Abstract Corp as an exclusive agent for U.S. Life Title Insurance Company.  In 1979, the name Eastern Abstract was acquired from Commonwealth, and Citadel was transformed into Eastern Abstract.  By maintaining an unparalleled level of personal service and an unmatched eye for even the smallest of details, Eastern continues to provide a consistent, reliable and 'user-friendly' set of title insurance products.  We strive to deliver the most personal of experiences, whether you have been a client for 30 years, or 30 minutes!
As one of the oldest Abstract Companies in operation in New York State, Eastern continues to provide first-class title work and insurance for property owners and mortgagees.  We have been insuring all types of real property since 1960: single family dwellings and commercial (multi-family, mixed-use and straight commercial buildings).  We are very experienced in new residential, commercial or mixed-use development projects, having been involved in numerous projects around the State of New York from the initial acquisition of land through construction/ development to sale to the end owner/ resident.