Eastern Abstract Corp.

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ACRIS/ Westchester PREP

Don't have the time to prepare the transfer documents for your upcoming closing?  Hopefully the closing is with us, but we can help!  If you would like for us to prepare New York City ACRIS or Westchester County PREP transfer documents for a closing, please submit the following information:

- CORRECT spelling of grantee(s) and grantor(s) names;
- We acknowledge that transmitting Tax ID information (EIN or SS numbers) over potentially
  non-secure means is a very sensitive issue, and therefore we will call to get that data;
- A copy of the first page of the contract (including the date it was signed);
- Property information (if we are not the closing title company)
- County in which the property is located;
- Address and section/ block/ lot;
- Purchase price;
- School district (if outside New York City);
- Acreage or lot dimensions (if outside New York City)
- Date closing is scheduled;
- Contact information for Attorney's for both parties.

This information can be sent to us by FAX (718-654-2221), via email (info@easternabstractny.com), or by filling in the form below and faxing the contract to the above number.  There is a $150.00 fee for each set of transfer documents prepared.