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  Deeds   Mortgage related
  Contracts   UCC's
  Power of Attorney   Transfer related
  Affidavits   Refund and Exemption Forms


Bargain and Sale with Covenants
Bargain and Sale without Covenants
Warrenty with Full Covenants
Property Condition Disclosure Form
Contract: Residential
Contract: Residential (Alternate - Plain English)
Contract: Office, Commercial & Multi-Family Residential
Contract: Condominium
Contract: Co-Operative
Ammendment to Contract
Rider to Contract of Sale - Purchase Money Mortgage
Lease: Commercial
Lease: Office
Termination of Contract of Sale
Cancellation of Power of Attorney
Power of Attorney - Tax Matters
Power of Attorney - NEW MS Word  
Power of Attorney - Affidavit of Full Force and Effect
Power of Attorney - Statutory Major Gifts Rider  
Carbon Monoxide - NYC
Closing Affidavit
Affidavit for Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure
Affidavit: Deed/ Leasehold Assignment in Lieu of Foreclosure  
Affidavit of Ancient Mortgage  
Federal Estate Tax
FIRPTA - Entity
FIRPTA - Individual
General/ Sellers
Home Equity Theft Prevention Act - Purchaser
Home Equity Theft Prevention Act - Seller
Home Equity Theft Prevention Act - Seller NOT in Foreclosure
Home Equity Theft Prevention Act - Legal Text
Affidavit in Lieu of Registration
Lead-Based Paint Disclosure
Multiple Dwelling (3 or more residential units)
Reverse Mortgage
Smoke Detector (New York City)
Smoke Detector (Outside New York City)
Title and Possession
Zero Consideration
252 - Agricultural Credit Association Exemption
252-a - Reverse Mortgage Affidavit  
253 - Special Additional Tax Exemption
255 - CEMA  
255 - Tax Exemption - Loan Agent
255 - Tax Exemption - Borrower
255 - Reverse Mortgage
255 - Wrap Around Mortgage
275 Affidavit - Assignment of Mortgage
339ee Affidavit
Mortgage Amortization Calculator
Mortgage Tax Rates
Mortgage Assignment: With Covenants
Mortgage Assignment: Without Covenants
Building Loan
Certificate of Directors Resolution to Mortgage
CEMA (Consolidation and Estension Mortgage Agreement)
Extension Agreement
First Mortgage
Lienor's Estoppel
Owner's Estoppel
Mortgage Note
Mortgage (Subordinate)
MT-15 Mortgage Tax Return for property located in more than one county)
Release of Part of Mortgaged Premises
Satisfaction of Mortgage
Shareholders Consent to Sale or Lease
Splitter Agreement
Spreader Agreement
Subordinationm Agreement
UCC 1 - Initial
UCC 1Ad - Amendment
UCC 1CAd - Co-Operative
UCC 1CAp - Additional Party
UCC 3 - Termination
UCC 3Ad - Additional Party
UCC 5 - National Correction Statement
UCC 11 - National Information Request
IT - 2663 (2012) (non-NYS resident Est. Capital Gains Tax Form)
IT - 2664 (2012) (non-NYS resident Est. Capital Gains Tax Form - Co-Op)
Long Island/ Peconic Bay Transfer Form
Mechanic's Lien Release
Mt. Vernon RPT
NYC Multiple Dwelling Registration
Post Closing Possession Agreement
RP-5217 for Cortland, Erie, Essex, Onondaga, Orange, and Tompkins Counties ONLY  
Instructions for above RP-5217  
Town of Red Hook Transfer Tax - Community Preservation Fund
TP-584 (for non-NYC Properties)
Transfer Tax Calculator
Transfer Tax Rates
NYC Water/ Sewer Customer Registration Form
Warwick (Orange County) Transfer Tax Form
Yonkers RPT
Exemption & Abatement Application for Owners: Unified Form for: Basic and Enhanced STAR, Sr. Citizen, Veteran, Disabled and Clergy exemptions, as well as Co-Op and Condo Abatement programs
Refund of Overpayment of Ne York City Property Taxes
Excess SCRIE Refund
Exemption for RE Taxes for Property Owned by Non-Profit Organizations
RP-602: Application for Apportionment
-- Apportionment of Improved Land - Checklist
-- Apportionment of Vacant Land - Checklist
RP-602C: Application for Condominium Apportionment
RP-604: Application for Tentative Tax Lot Numbers
Checklist for Tax Lot Mergers
Block and Lot Corrections
Building Classification Codes - NYC
Building Classification Codes - NYS
Durable Power of Attorney
Exhibit I - Certification  
Exhibit III - Zoning Lot Description and Ownership Statement
Mortgage Calculator
Mortgage Tax Rates
Power of Attorney - Tax Matters
Release of Power of Appointment  
Satisfaction of Judgment  
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