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Search Types and Rates

Title (Owners and Mortgage), Guaranteed, Insured Foreclosure,
Co-Op and Last Owner Searches
ACRIS/ PREP Document Preparation

A full 50 year search, insured, of the premises including liens, mortgages, judgments, C & R's and other encumbrances. The current and previous owners are also searched for property liens.

Premiums are regulated by state law and are highly variable depending on the situation, so please give our office a call for full details.

Muncipal Searches:

  • NYC: $350.00
  • Nassau and Suffolk: $400.00
  • Westchester: $400.00
  • Other Counties: $375.00

ACRIS and Westchester County PREP Documents are prepared by us with information supplied by the Seller's Attorney. They can be emailed to the Seller's Attorney or be given to the closer and presented at the closing for signatures and notarization.

Document Preparation Fee: $150.00

ACRIS Log-In Page

Required Information for ACRIS Document preparation.

Email: acris@easternabstractny.com

Guaranteed Search is an uninsured 50 year full search, including mortgages, taxes and C & R's. It can be converted to Title Insurance.  Fee: $375.00

Other Miscellaneous Items and Charges

An Insured Foreclosure Search has the same elements as a Guaranteed Search as well as a list of the Certified party Defendants.  Fee: $500.00

  • Bankruptcy Search - per name: $25.00
  • Certified copies - please call for details
  • Copies of documents - please call for details
  • Corporate Franchise Tax - $35.00
  • UCC Filing - $75.00
  • UCC Search (State or County) - $125.00

Co-Op Search is not insured, but includes judgments, liens, county and state UCC search results, and bankruptcies against the seller, buyer and Co-Operative. Fee: $350.00

Last Owner Search provides the last owner and a copy of the current deed. Fee: $65.00

Additional charges may be assessed by the specific town or county in which the search is conducted. Recording charges can be found here.

Please note: some towns charge an additional amount for certain municipal documents (C/O, Health, etc.) Please call our office for specific details on this and any other item of interest.

N.B.: - All rates are subject to change without notice.